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Raven Dance

This is a second version of “Raven’s Touch.”  In my dream state, I opened my eyes but could not move.  A raven was landing beside my feet while folding his wings.  It was hopping along my bed forward, cawing and looking at me side to side, trying to say something.  I could not understand, so in frustration raven raised his wings holding his head up and took a deep breath.  The feathers on his chest lifted, there I saw a face looking straight at me.  I was startled, my body jerked and he disappeared.  I got up right away and made an illustration.  The next morning I found a dead raven on the road, with its feathers I made a mask now residing at the University Museum in Fairbanks.  The apparition was just the beginning of the many raven themes I have been making to date.

Materials: Driftwood, acrylic, India ink and beads.

  1. Shadow Box 11x14 inches Original painting, 3D mask, beads and feathers: $350.00
  2. Flat Frame 11x14 inches Printed background with flat mask, beads and feathers: $189.00
  3. Flat Frame 8.5x11 inches Printed with guinea hen feathers: $45.00
Email: yupikartist@yahoo.com