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Ancestral given name during a Naming Ceremony  in TUNUNAK, a Yup'ik name for berries.

Atsaq originally of Tununak, produces 3-dimensional mixed media.  Celebrating the Native dance, the environment, animals, fish, birds and story telling.


Using Natural material from





John’s influence began at an early age, in a small coastal village of Tununak. Watching his father and uncles carving wood and ivory, and helping his mother illustrate birds, animals and hunting scenes for her beautiful grass baskets. 


During John's studies in 1977, Ronald Senungetuk, founder and Director of the Alaska Native Arts Program at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks, brought John to meet with Elder master carvers in Bethel.  Among them were Kay Hendrickson, Nicholas Charles, and Qussauyaq "Uncle John", his father-in-law.  Their work can be seen at the Yupiiit Piciryarait Cultural Center. 


I am happy with great admiration and respect to have known these real Yup'ik and Cup'ig gentlemen who shared ancestral wisdom and knowledge through their fine art.   Atsaq

Kesler Woodward (painting & drawing), Terence "Terry" Choy (painting drawing) and Glen Simpson (metalsmithing) were also among his instructors during the early years.






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