VIDEO All as One

All as ONe - Atauciugukut video in the making. This brings to mind my influence in the arts, a direct correlation as to how a craft is made with form and quality.

This is fifty (50) years of practice. Although I worked throughout, I always had a passion for art. It started with my lovely mom, Jane, and her baskets. She would always strive to produce her best quality, with equal strands, width and curves in even symmetry. The embroidery of birds, kayak, hunting scenes, seals, and animals were in demand in the big city of Anchorage. Mom would cut my illustrations and embroider them onto the baskets.

Some orders came from down states too, and I would write letters when she was a little behind. I was so proud of mom buying basics of Pilot Boy Crackers, lard, margarine, sugar, tea, coffee, laundry detergent, household items, and shared them too just as other neighbors would.

The year was 1969, I really enjoyed watching my uncle Oscar Usugan, my Tuutu, cutting logs with a wooden splitter and ax with great skill. I was always mesmerized with his careful application and skill into his work like a master. I could still hear his breathing and huffing while he worked talking to himself. His ax would turn a 5-6' foot log into smaller thicknesses of 3-4" inch pieces. Then Tuutu would switch to his Canasuun - Curved Knife and strip them into thinner pieces. It was beautiful to watch him split them with the handle part of the knife. After carving and smoothing one side, using his teeth, he would loosen one side by biting without cracks. Measuring then bending them around the other strands of the wooden fish trap.







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