Raven Finds Light

All the Native groups in Alaska have folklore, myths and children’s stories relating to his encounters with other animals, his clever ways, a trickster, getting tricked by other animals, his encounter with man who had developed from a pea pod. Raven thought he was the smartest in the world, until he came upon an old woman.

There was darkness upon the earth with no light except the oil lamps that lit their dwellings. Raven is said to have white feathers before he found light. One day, he tells everyone that he is going look for light, so everyone will be able to see. He looked all over the land for light with no luck. He decides to go into the heavens in search. For many days he never came back. Then one day he came back so happy, sizzled black and sooty shouting with glee "I found the light."

The light he found was the sun, the milky way is the trail he left behind with his snowshoes. Several version of the design are shown below.








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