Framed Print Size: 8.5"W x 11"H with feathers Inside for 3-D Effect.

John Oscar, Artist
It was 1996 it was pitch black, I saw a flash of light from a distance, then a thunderous beat of drums all around. There a Yup'ik man stomping his mukluk boots in rhythm to the drums was approaching. Dancing wildly in the air tossing his limbs about, unleashing energy as light. Arms spread wide holding dance fans brimming with light, he brought his ever changing mask closer and said, "Kitaaki waniwat'tang” or "Look, here it is." Exploding in a flash of light he disappeared as I shuttered opening my eyes.

From that point, all my work evolved from simple 2-dimensional flat format into 3-dimensional motifs. (Full story included)

Spirit Dancer II

  • The Spirit Dancer 2 has a mask with smiling eyes, with dance fans feathers that stand up from the surface, acrylic paint and blue figures of Yup'ik drummers in the background.  One-of-a-kind personal quality!

    1. Spirit Dancer 2 Frame Size: 11"W x 14"H Shadow Box - $269

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