“Nuna, meq, ungungsiit, neqet’llu ken’ciklluki – Always keep clean the lands and waters, respect the animals and fish.” The ancestors reminded us they were beautiful gifts from our Creator, keeping us alive.  We must continue that path with responsibility in place.  To take only what we need and share.  But today the lands, waters, and all the animals are dying due to our irresponsibility in the entire world.  The voice of our ancestors has been forgotten.

Oceans In Peril I

  • The Oceans In Peril has a hand carved mask with one eye that follows at every angle.  Made with driftwood, acrylic paint and figurines that dance with the central mask, and feathers to give motion.

    1. Oceans In Peril  Frame Size: 16"W x 20"H Black Frame Shadow Box Matted - $685

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