Framed Print Size: 8.5"W x 11"H with feathers inside for 3-D Effect.

John Oscar, Artist
In my dream state, I opened my eyes but could not move. A raven was landing beside my feet while folding his wings. It was hopping along the bed toward me, cawing and looking at me side to side, trying to say something. I could not understand, so in frustration raven raised his wings holding his head up and took a deep breath. The feathers on his chest lifted, there I saw a face looking straight at me. (Complete story included).

Raven Dance III

  • The Raven Dance III has a hand carved mask with eyes that follow at every angle, with Yup'ik drummers in background, and feathers to accent.  One-of-a-kind personal quality! 

    1. Raven Dance III Frame Size: 11"x14" Shadow Box - $389
    2. Raven Dance III Frame Size: 16"x20" Shadow Box - $489

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