16"x20 Inches / Framed / Matting Optional

This looks better without matting, so you can enjoy the the different angles.


Mixed Media:  Reindeer Skin, Partmigan Feathers, Guinea Hen Feathers, Bethel Driftwood Masks with all eyes that follow, watercolor backgrond on heavy duty watercolor paper, and acrylic on wood.  Sprayed with nonyellowing protective clear matte layer.


Description: Dancer has ptarmigan dance fans and wearing a raven mask.  Two other masks named Rhythm and Flow both have guienea hen feathers on their masks.  All the masks watch as you move.  Two Reindeer skin drums with traditional insignia.

Rhythm & Flow 1/3

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    As a child, it is a beautiful exciting experience up close, when you can literally feel the wind they make with their dance fans. Everyone moving in one motion in rhythm to the drum and the conductors voice leading the singers what the next verse is. The conductor holding his dance stick with all the beautiful figurines on the dace stick in rhythm.  READ MORE


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