Framed Print Size: 8"W x 10"H with feathers inside for 3-D Effect.
1st Image - Original 

2nd Image - Part-Original with mask

3rd Image - Framed Part-Original

4th Image - 2nd Version of original

Every sunrise brings a renewed sense of life, an awakening of our consciousness, a new hope, a peaceful voice that reminds us, we are all part of the whole. A new chance, another beginning. Despite our small mindedness, Ellarpiim Yua (Person of the Universe) still forgives us, and reminds us we can start anew with greater respect. 

Sunrise I

  • The Sunrise has a hand carved mask with smiling eyes on a premium quality print paper as a background, using acrylic paint on the 3-D mask and feathers to give motion. 

    1. Sunrise Frame Size: 11"W x 14"H Shadow Box Matted - $295

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