Surfing Waves 3of3 LAST ONE!



11"x14" Shadow Box Frame & Matt /

Beautifully hand carved mask with eyes that follow you, using acrylic paint on driftwood and swirving background, with feathers feathers on the mask to give motion.  The seal are swimming like it was no problem.

  • Surfing Waves



    This was for the time I had to surf waves at Nunivak Island, going home from fish camp in a small 18 foot red Lund boat. It was a 45 mile ride from the fish camp to Mekoryuk.Knowing the unpredictability of the weather, which can change quickly, I placed the gear, dried fish and camping stuff toward the middle. The wind picked up that was carrying a lot of “white caps” rolling toward the island from the northeast side. As the waves got closer to the land, they became huge. So I had to keep moving outward and surfing away from land. I realized that my gas tank was swinging on “E” for empty. I was going to switch to another tank with my fuel line, but realized that the hook-up was different from the one I was using. I never prayed so hard in my life, yelling out loud to the Creator to give me a chance to reach for land that harbored calm waters.







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