Shadow Frame & Matting:  11"x14":


Surfing Waves has a hand carved mask with eyes that follow you, using acrylic paint on driftwood and background, and feathers to give motion.

Surfing Waves I

  • This was for the time I had to surf waves at Nunivak Island, going home from fish camp in a small 18 foot red Lund boat. It was a 45 mile ride from the fish camp to Mekoryuk.Knowing the unpredictability of the weather, which can change quickly, I placed the gear, dried fish and camping stuff toward the middle. The wind picked up that was carrying a lot of “white caps” rolling toward the island from the northeast side. As the waves got closer to the land, they became huge. So I had to keep moving outward and surfing away from land. I realized that my gas tank was swinging on “E” for empty. I was going to switch to another tank with my fuel line, but realized that the hook-up was different from the one I was using. I never prayed so hard in my life, yelling out loud to the Creator to give me a chance to reach for land that harbored calm waters.




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