Yup'ik Dream Catcher


3 Masks Included:  Dream Catcher, Day Mask and Night Mask

Size: 21 inches wide x 15 inches height.

Silver wire hooks, silver swivels, beads, driftwood, goose feathers and acrylics.  

  • Story

    Each of the rings and masks move about with a light wind independently. Night and Day are always opposite. Just like good and bad, happy and sad, the wise and the fool.  Do not hold your negatives. The night dwells on the day's activities and human nature things. Dreaming of hunting and fishing and all the rest of the other things you face be set to rest.  The day comes with a clean slate.

    Feathers are designed to swing with the rings in the slightest drafts.  If you blow on the middle mask, it will face you and breathe in the air you blew and flow out the back.  Each of the masks have "Palrayuk" a sea serpant that was painted on the side of kayaks for good luck and protection by hunters on Nelson Island.







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